Find the Best St.Thomas Boat Rental service Provider to Explore Beaches, Snorkel, and Beach Bars

There are so many different options when it comes to planning your St. Thomas vacation. Contemplating on the sun and the sea for USVI vacation? You definitely need best St. Thomas boat rental services.  Since there are so many vessel renting companies in St. Thomas island offering similar services, it can be overwhelming to choose the best boat rental service provider that can meet your boating needs and expectations and provide value for your money by delivering private boat rental services.

Sun, sea and sand. That’s what the island paradise is about and the beaches in St Thomas don’t disappoint. Let the soft and powdery white sand massage your feet as you walk barefooted, or let it do your whole body when you lie on top of it while having your tan done. The warm crystal clear water is perfect for cooling down after sometime of sun loving. Highly recommended are; Magens, Little Magens, Lindberg, Turtlecove and Sugar bay.

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Aside from pristine beaches, best beach bars and the laidback tropical vibe, St. Thomas in the United States Virgin Islands is also known for great shopping opportunities. Duty free shops, souvenir stores and name-brand boutiques; you name it, you got it. If you ever get around St. Thomas on your next Virgin Islands trip, these are definitely the places to do best buy shopping.

Made primarily for cruise ship travellers, Havensight is conveniently located right next to St. Thomas’ premier marina complex. The shopping area is the second largest cluster of stores in all of St. Thomas, which consists of Havensight shopping Center, Buccanneer Mall and the Port of Sale. If you have your eyes set on cheap jewelry, clothes, perfumes, electronics, local and imported rum, this place is indeed a haven.

With a fleet of 16 versatile boats, Let’s Play Virgin Islands help you find the perfect boat (and captain!) to fit your needs and budget. We provide quality, personalized, private St. Thomas boat rentals throughout the U.S. and British Virgin Islands. Our mission is to make sure you have the best possible day on our beautiful waters. All of our boats are chartered with a Captain only basis!

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